23 eyeshadow colour tales for inspiration from summer season to fall

I’ve put together 23 different color combinations that could inspire your next fall eyeshadow look. 🙂 They’re more often colorful than strictly neutral as this was the mood I was in, but there are some less bright / vivid takes too. You can browse my past color stories for other options!

About this series

Each look idea focuses on a “quad” of four shades with the expectation that the appropriate browbone or an additional transition shade based on the skin tone is brought in. I know I’m more likely to use five or six hues in a typical look, but I think four is a lucky medium to get a good idea of ​​the “core” color scheme of a look while also giving you the opportunity to / lighten and darken as desired. I’ve listed the colors in this order: inner lid, center of lid, outer lid / fold, and fold / over fold.

You may see combinations that are slightly repetitive but the placement varies (e.g. a halo placement where the lightest and shimmering shade is placed in the center) as the placement can create a different effect / look too! You may also want to use your preferred matte / shimmer tones (if applicable) to add versatility to certain palettes. Use these ideas as a starting point!

Be the sunshine, take your time, starfish, meadow

Lethal Cosmetics eyeshadow

Apex, ether, defiance, retreat

JB, designer, troops, awake

Third eye, best buds, smear, stick to you

Sweet dreams, pumpkin spice latte, vamped, you, only better

Sydney Grace Chase Your Dreams

The dream, the pursuit, the drive, enjoy the journey

Third eye, don’t scroll, stay sharp, put down roots

Light My World, Magic Act, Role Model, Lot

Strange love, she’s in parties, lost control, meanstreak

Winter garden, moon kingdom, brilliant kingdom, countess

Real Bronze (314K), Bliss (317DC), Palladium (316M), Deep Dive (308CP)

Spring, fun, pool, evergreen

Cosmo (109 km) (2020), Gemma (106 cm), Electra (115 cm), Vega (111 cm)

Megalodon, milking maid, Magic Act, JB

Insomniac, Skyrise, Double Shot, Moonlight

Golden peach, ladylike, pear tree, perfect vacation

Skeleton Kiss, She’s into Parties, Meanstreak, Total Immortal

Rhodium (309DC), Alloy (312DC), High Degree (311M), Magma (310CM)

Commission, Wood, Frosted Morning, Sea Foam

Galaxia (112K) (Retro), Rhea (118M) (2020), Phoenix (113CM) (2020), Diadem (110CM)

John, The Shallows, Mythical, Boas (light)

True Copper (305M), High Degree (311M), Suntan (306CM), Ridge (313CM)

Strawberries & Cream, Midnight Gold, Chocolate Bars, Designers

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