49ers GM John Lynch on George Kittle’s enlargement: “It will be silly to not discover out.”

John Lynch, 49ers General Manager, is confident that despite the coronavirus pandemic complications in the salary ceiling complications, he can find an extension for George Kittle.

Kittle is said to be a free agent at the end of the 2020 season and is trying to put the market back in its tight final position.

The selection for the fifth round in 2017 did more than enough to achieve a lucrative extension. Kittle, an 2019 first team all-pro, has launched consecutive 1,000 yard campaigns, setting the record for receiving yards in a single season by 1,377 by the end of 2018.

An agreement between the NFL and the National Football League Players Association (NFLPA) set the 2021 salary cap at $ 175 million in 2021 – about $ 40 million less than expected before the pandemic – while the league is on prepared for the financial success that she is likely to expect as a result of teams having to play games without fans.

The # 49ers made the following squad moves.

– San Francisco 49ers (@ 49ers), July 28, 2020

Lynch admitted that changes had made the expansion of Kittle difficult and said to KNBR: “This is a big adjustment. But we were waiting for some of it [information] to help us structure a business. “

Lynch added: “I think people should be encouraged. We have had tremendous conversations – I don’t want to say any progress – but conversations with (Kittles agent Jack Bechta). And we work really well together. … We have We worked really hard. George will fit so well with what we do. He’s a great player.

“He is what we want him to be. I think it would be stupid not to find out. And we will do just that.”

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