7 methods to make your personal fall pallets

Last week I released part one and part two of different color combinations to get inspiration for this fall.

In the spirit of all fall and eye shadow palettes, I wanted to share some custom palette ideas for the season – it’s definitely more challenging (and gets me creative) when it comes to creating a much bigger, cohesive color story. I don’t know if I’m over greens and subdued neutrals every time. Here are seven color stories I would have loved to see published! In the end, I first created digital models via Photoshop and then found real shades that matched my ideas.

Remember – the purpose here is to inspire you to pull out some of the colors you already own. There is absolutely no way! I would ever recommend or expect to buy all of these individual eyeshadows. 😜

About this series

Each look idea focuses on a “quad” of four shades with the expectation that one brings in the appropriate browbone or an additional transition shade based on the skin tone. I know I’m more likely to use five or six hues in a typical look, but I think four is a lucky medium to give a good idea of ​​the “core” color scheme of a look while also giving you the opportunity to / lighten and darken as desired. I’ve listed the colors in this order: inner lid, center of lid, outer lid / fold, and fold / over fold.

You may see combinations that are slightly repetitive but the placement varies (e.g. a halo placement where the lightest and shimmering hue is placed in the center) as the placement can create a different effect / look too! You may also want to use your preferred matte / shimmer tones (if applicable) to add versatility to certain palettes. Use these ideas as a starting point!

Highlight, Ursa, Poolside, Nocturnal, Pretty Little Lilac, Burned, Blue Velvet, Levy, Troops, Spruce, Rushed, Sketch

Salem, pear tree, gloomy, lovebirds, emerald city, forest (Absinthe No. 5), Thunderbird, sunlight (GPV2 No. 23), thrill, dark chocolate, forest heart, Herky Bird

Enthusiastic, Defiant, Desert Sun, Mercury (GPV2 # 14), Pandora, Blue Velvet, Joker, Sol, Gulf Coast, Island Paradise, Keep It Fun, Watermark

Indiana Love, Queen, Fairy Acid, Salamander, Alpine, Beyond, Vamped, Buillion (GPV2 # 12), Poolside, Nocturnal, Sterling (Amethyst # 5), Teal Me More

Lords a Leaping, Feline Pretty Femme, Karat, Brazilian Bikini, Midnight Dreary, Electric Mint, Vamped, Queen, Release, Eye of the Newt, Emerald City, Evergreen

Blue velvet, poinsettia, midnight sun, hex, twilight tryst, storm clock, hot net, the greatest gift, officer, sketch, fog, below zero

Enthusiastic, Buffy, Pink Champagne, Polished Silver, Pandora, Blue Velvet, Gold Earth, Fairy Acid, Cool Brown, Island Paradise, Spruce, Ursa

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