Clionadh Crown Glass & Lunette Jeweled Multichrome Eye Shadow Critiques & Swatches

Formula overview

$ 19.00 / 0.05 oz. – – $ 380.00 an ounce

The formula has been described as “finely ground, ultra-rich pigments” that have a “black base and intense color shift reflexes” with the “bottom line” [being] a saturated, vibrantly changing shadow. “

For those new to Multichromes, the brand has a nice application guide that guides customers through the application. The big take away are black-based multichromes. Less is more when it comes to mixing. The more you mix, the more the base gets through and the changing shimmer disappears. They can be used wet or dry, with a dry or wet brush, or with your fingertips in “tapping instead of wiping”.

Clionadh’s formula worked well with a range of brushes – flat shader brushes, fluffier shader brushes, narrow and larger pencil brushes, and even fluffier folding brushes. I liked using a small, slightly rounded plaster brush to apply and spread the product in my crease to polish the edge so that a blacker base can get through. I found that this helped mix the multichrome hue with any transition / crease hue that I might have used. A flat, but not solid shader brush has proven itself well to deposit paint on the entire lid, especially on smaller areas. However, using the fingertips gave the most intense, shiny finish along with a deeper color.

To a certain extent, multichromes correspond to the application of three, four or five colors to an area at a certain point in time. So this applies to someone who likes the effect of more than one shade on the lid, but may not feel so safe when mixing. A multichrome delivers part of this end result with less effort. This also happens in reverse order, since they often shift slightly from left to right, from right to left, from top to bottom and from bottom to top.

The consistency felt smooth, dense and a little thicker with a creamy, slightly softening feel. Some shades felt creamy rather than powdery, but most felt like a richer, creamier metallic when touched. The brand recommended applying the eyeshadows first because “there may be a dropout,” although in my experience this seemed minor – the creamier consistency made the eyeshadow stick slightly to bare skin (or over the foundation).

I found them easier to use than expected because I didn’t feel they needed to be used with a damp brush or fingertip to get an opaque, even coverage, and they were miscible along the edges. The black base makes it difficult to wear along the lower lash line without creating a noticeable shadow when the edge becomes diffuse. This also applies to the inner tear duct (the iridescent multichromes of the brand are better suited for these areas because they have a transparent base).

They tended to wrinkle me more easily after eight to nine hours without a primer and between 10 and 12 hours over an eyeshadow primer. The shift faded slightly more after seven to eight hours than when it was first applied to bare skin and about 10 hours above the foundation.

The brand recommended applying this formula on a “dry foundation”, which is actually unusual for an eyeshadow formula. Since most of the formulas I tested do not require a primer to test, I tested all colors in both directions. They are easier to compare with other formulas on the market.

Browse all of our Clionadh Jeweled Multichrome Eyeshadow swatches.


+/- titanium dioxide, +/- mica, +/- synthetic fluorohlogopite, dimethicone, +/- silicon dioxide, +/- tin dioxide, caprylic / capric triglyceride, isopropyl myristate, +/- silicon dioxide, +/- iron oxide, +/- iron oxide, +/- Kaolin clay, +/- magnesium stearate, +/- iron oxide, +/- calcium sodium borosilicate, +/- iron ferrocyanide, +/- bismuth oxychloride, +/- red 40, +/- blue 1, +/- aluminum oxide, +/- ultramarine , Caprylyl glycol, phenoxyethanol, hexylene glycol.

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