Dak Prescott nonetheless desires to be a cowboy for all times regardless of the dearth of recent provides

Dak Prescott still dreams of retiring with the Cowboys despite not agreeing to a new contract.

Prescott will play the 2020 NFL season as part of a one-year exclusive franchise offer after the quarterback and cowboys were unable to land a long-term deal last month.

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The two-time pro bowler had already signed his takeover bid and will make approximately $ 31.4 million for the upcoming season before becoming an unreserved free agent unless the cowboys choose to give him franchise tag again give – a move that would count over $ 37 million towards the 2021 salary cap.

Prescott, however, remains excited about his NFL career in Dallas.

“I grew up wanting to be a Dallas Cowboy and I am, and I have dreams of being a Dallas Cowboy until I finish playing football,” Prescott said on a conference call Wednesday.

“None of that will change just because we couldn’t reach an agreement there for this season. But like I said, I’m a cowboy right now and that’s all that matters and that’s my whole focus.”

Prescott was drafted by the Cowboys in 2016, and the 27-year-old has 1,363 completions for 15,778 yards and 97 touchdowns while in the league.

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“I’m not a guy looking to my future to be honest. I really don’t,” added Prescott. “I mean, I count my blessings every day. I go and rejoice in the day I am given. I am grateful for it.

“It may sound cliché and whatever you want to do, but I can’t look to tomorrow without worrying about today, and I’ve been like that all my life.”

Cowboy owner and general manager Jerry Jones said, “We just couldn’t get together at that point. It’s just worthless that a lot of people didn’t get together in Franchise this year.”

“Dak and I had a great visit right now,” said Stephen Jones, vice president of the Cowboys. “He’s so excited about our team and our future. Ultimately, now is the time to figure out how to do that.

“I am more convinced than ever that this is going to happen, but given the moving parts we looked at with the virus and some other business that was off-center in terms of normality, this was just one Challenge . “

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