Edifier TWS NB earphone evaluate: Lose noise, preserve money

“By lowering the price of ANC, Edifier has raised the bar for real wireless earphones everywhere.”

Solid Bluetooth range

Affordable active noise cancellation

Exceptional sound

Good price

Bulky design

Uninspired app

Earbud enthusiasts get good news courtesy of Edifier. We have reached an important milestone in the actual wireless timeline as legitimate active noise cancellation has entered the budget-friendly atmosphere.

For $ 120, the new Edifier TWS NB earphones offer the coveted ANC feature in one of the cheapest real wireless packages we’ve seen so far. Apart from the monetary savings, what is the value of these buds on the table?

Out of the box

For better or for worse, I got used to trying out new headphones or earphones first and then scrolling through the data sheet. It leads to some funny comparisons; For example, because of the packaging and components of the Edifier earphones, I would have sworn that this is a far more expensive product.

Edifier TWS NB caseNick Woodard / Digital Trends

The TWS NB arrive firmly in their own foam bedding when you lift the lid of the packaging. In addition to the buds and the carrying case, Edifier included a USB-C charging cable, a start guide and a manual, as well as additional earplugs and ear fins.

The setup is standard, with Edifier using Bluetooth 5.0 in the TWS NB. The company also built an antenna technology called Laser Direct Structuring into the earphones to ensure a stable connection and fight interference.

Edifier projects a range of 33 feet, and I would say that this is somewhat conservative. I moved around the house and between the back yard and the front yard while my phone stayed in the kitchen. Impressively, there were no signal drops.


The metallic finish of the TWS NB exudes a futuristic atmosphere with its somewhat strange shape. It is undoubtedly a subjective matter, but at least I enjoy the aesthetics. On the other hand, I caused a little controversy by saying that I liked the unique design of the Microsoft Surface Earbuds 2. So maybe my style tastes of the mainstream.

Edifier TWS NBNick Woodard / Digital Trends

They also felt comfortable and made the TWS NB worthwhile for longer listening sessions. They are large and unfortunately there is no way around it. Pulling off a hoodie became a problem because the earbuds were likely to get caught and then get lost in a dark fabric cavity when I dropped the garment into the laundry basket. Sure, you know, you could remove the earbuds before you peel off that layer, but that feels like an unnecessary inconvenience, however minor it may be.

Apart from IPX4 water resistance, there is not much on the Edifier product page about the functions of the TWS NB as earphones for active people. As I learned from my own experience, there is a reason for this. The earphones are absolutely safe and move at the pace of everyday life. But take it with you for jogging and chaos will occur. They never fell out of my ear, but no matter how many times I adjusted the buds to keep the ear fins in place, I couldn’t help feeling like I was wearing dangling earrings – or how I imagine that feeling.

I swapped the ear fins for the larger pair that came with it, and that helped to some extent, just not as much as I hoped.

The charging case, which Edifier calls “anodization-processed, light-resistant aluminum”, is larger than alternatives such as the Apple AirPods or Google Pixel Buds 2. The rectangular shape of the case almost resembles a harmonica.


Interestingly, when it comes to playback time, the TWS NB takes up space on both sides of the coin. When active noise cancellation is activated, they are only suitable for 5 hours of audio. This corresponds to devices with prices similar to the Amazon Echo Buds, but most people would want more if the battery stopped there.

Edifier TWS NBNick Woodard / Digital Trends

However, without ANC, the TWS NB will play for 11 hours, with two additional charges included in the case. This makes it one of the best – in particular the Samsung Galaxy Buds + and the Sony WF-SP800N – for a significantly lower proportion of changes.

There are only two buttons on the Edifier earphones, one each for the multifunctional version. You can switch between active noise cancellation and ambient noise mode with both buttons. The same applies to changing titles or answering and declining calls. It takes a little bit of legwork to familiarize yourself with the controls, but they work well after the first learning phase.

Edifier has its own app that pairs with the TWS NB … and that’s all there is to say on this front. The app can turn ANC on and off and change tracks, but the buds themselves can do this themselves. Unless I lack anything essential, the app is not a factor for the time being.

Audio quality

For the battery life and ANC features offered at this price, all I really hoped for from the TWS NB was passable audio to add to the ensemble. I have that and more.

Edifier TWS NBNick Woodard / Digital Trends

The earphones each have a 13 mm graphene membrane, which Edifier announces as “one of the strongest materials in the world” with an “incredible strength-to-weight ratio”. That speaks mostly of the market, of course, but in my experience these drivers have something to offer.

On tracks like Megan Thee Stallions Savage Remix (children hear that today, right?) The TWS NB showed an above-average low-end response. At the other end of the musical spectrum, songs like The Devil Went Down to Georgia by the Charlie Daniels Band have proven that the Edifiers offer more than reasonable clarity on costs. It is difficult to slaughter a good violin to be transparent, but the NWS-TB still delivered exceptional results.

The earbuds also have aptX support, which is a nice addition when you consider that it lacks some higher-priced options. You are also capable of call quality, although nothing in this part of my audio tests screams exceptionally. Still, I think the majority of listeners will enjoy Edifier’s sound quality.

Active noise cancellation

I will take on the role of skeptic when I talk about active noise cancellation for $ 120 just because it hasn’t really happened yet, at least not in a remarkable sense. Amazon’s Echo Buds came closest, using noise reduction technology that worked well for $ 130. So far, active noise canceling wireless earphones have not been on the radar for this cheap price.

Edifier TWS NBNick Woodard / Digital Trends

The TWS NB have feed-forward ANC technology, ie microphones on the outside of the buds analyze and dampen outside noise. It’s closer to the basic end of noise cancellation, but that’s not a big deal at this price. Well done, it can still be an effective way to keep unwanted noise out of your listening experience.

Because of my time with these buds, the technology is indeed well done. During a walk along a fast flowing river, switching on the ANC function with a double press on one of the two buds completely canceled out the noise of the water. Another double tap on one of the buds brought Edifier’s ambient sound mode into play, which was a nice touch when the need to offer greetings to another dog walker repeatedly emerged.

I wouldn’t compare this to the top ANC technology in products like the Sony WF-1000XM3, but I would say that the TWS NB offers worthwhile noise cancellation features for what you pay for.

Our opinion

The Edifier TWS NB are part of a growing trend for bulky earphones, which I’m honestly not on board with. However, they are leading in another trend, namely, affordable real wireless earbuds that do not limit functionality. That is why we can all gather together.

Are there any better alternatives?

The $ 130 Amazon Echo Buds literally fit some better, with the added benefit of Alexa’s hands-free feature. The Sony WF-XB700, which is also priced at $ 130, has a 9-hour battery life, though the noise-canceling features are missing.

How long will they last?

The TWS NB have a 1-year limited warranty and are equipped with scratch-resistant hardware. You should be able to deal with some wear and tear without the crack.

Should you buy them

Yes. You may want to find another pair if you are a runner. By lowering the entry fee for active noise cancellation, the Edifier TWS NB has raised the bar for real wireless earphones everywhere.

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