Ezekiel Elliott scolds Twitter about “respect” within the elite RB dialogue: “Do your homework”

Dallas Cowboys, who ran back Ezekiel Elliott, hit back on his critics in a series of Twitter posts on Thursday, urging his naysayers to “respect my name”.

The position of the 24-year-old in the running back hierarchy of the NFL was a topic of discussion this week. The Tennessee Titans agreed to a long-term contract with Derrick Henry, and the Madden video game released their latest rankings.

Elliott ranks third on this list – behind stars Christian McCaffrey and Henry of Carolina Panthers and level of Nick Chubb of the Cleveland Browns – more than 1,000 after accumulating 5,405 rushing yards in his four years in the NFL more time slots than any other during this time.

His critics could counter that Elliott benefited from playing behind the league’s perhaps best offensive line at the time, though he was clearly upset by suggestions that his impressive numbers should be tied to any restriction.

“There are many great backs in this league, but I don’t understand why the media needs to talk about my game to get other backs,” he wrote on Twitter. “We are all talented soccer players and can play ball.

“Check the statistics. I’ve been dominating year after year since I entered this league. Have some respect for my name.

Check the statistics. I have dominated year after year since I entered this league. Put some respect on my name.

– Ezekiel Elliott (@EzekielElliott), July 16, 2020

“Women lie. Men lie. The statistics don’t. Go and do your homework.”

Elliott, a three-time pro bowler, had 1,777 meters from the abyss last season – the second behind just McCaffrey’s astonishing 2,392.

He presented these numbers, which he had kept outside the training camp to get a new deal, a request that the cowboys granted them when they agreed terms for a $ 90 million six-year contract less than a week before the start of their regular season .

“Almost 1800 scrimmage yards and 14 TDs without a training camp and now I’m not the same,” added Elliott. “I appreciate the standard that you keep to me, although lol. But I promise you, nobody will keep me to a higher standard than me.”

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