Fortnite has vehicles in Chapter 2, Season three, however the place are they?

TO UPDATE: The cars in Fortnite have finally arrived.

Fortnite cars were something teased at the beginning of Chapter 2, Season 3, but it took quite a while to actually arrive. Epic Games has now informed us that they are preparing to bring mobile cars into play from Wednesday, August 5th.

The event is teased at the Fortnite Joy Ride update and features a range of cars.

One of the teasers for the Joy Ride Update includes a tractor-trailer that suggests we could drive the big car. This would be in line with the teasing at the start of the game, which also showed driving a semi-trailer.


Fortnite Chapter 2, Season 3 is here after a long wait and one of the biggest questions is whether players can drive cars.

Epic Games released two trailers for Fortnite to announce the start of season three. One just advanced the story of Fortnite while the other told you what was new in the game. We’ll focus on the second one, called the Battle Pass trailer.

In this trailer, a voice can be heard telling the scenes and saying at one point that there will be “new ways to get around” while the footage shows people driving in cars.

Fortnite has had drivable vehicles such as the golf cart, quad crasher, airplanes, and helicopters in the past. But all of these were the same type of vehicle. In the trailer you can see people driving all variations of cars, from normal cars to trucks to a semitrailer.

But if you start your game now and try to drive a car … you can’t.

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Where are the cars in Fortnite?

The cars can be on the whole map, but unfortunately the ability to drive cars is not yet in Fortnite Chapter 2, Season 3. The trailer clearly indicates that you can drive cars at some point in this season, which you simply cannot so can immediately.

“There are new areas to discover during your adventure. New ways to get around and hot new surprises,” claims the trailer.

Epic Games hasn’t exactly specified when you can drive cars and trucks, but has provided some pointers.

“Over time and the decline in water, more locations are exposed,” explains Epic Games. “And when the streets become more open, you will find new ways to get around.”

At some point in season 3, the water will subside and you can drive around in different vehicles. The cars will be a welcome edition as soon as they are added. One of the biggest complaints since Chapter 2 started was lack of mobility. With boats, helicopters and all these cars, there are now many ways to find your way around the map.

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