Greatest Purchase worker who stopped the thief is given a UFC safety job

Summer Tapasa-Sataraka has a new job with the UFC.

The former Best Buy employee, who went viral last December for hiring a suspected thief, has accepted a position as a UFC security officer.

Immediately after seeing the video of the incident, UFC President Dana White said he wanted Tapasa-Sataraka to work for him. He also claimed on Instagram that the 24-year-old was fired from her job due to the argument with the potential thief who violated best buy policy.

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“This is Summer Tapasa Sataraka. It stopped this punk from stealing BestBuy in Hawaii, ”said White. “She was fired for it. Fly her this weekend and give her tickets to the McGregor-Cowboy fight. I want her to work for me! Get ready for the best summer weekend of your life. “

“I’m looking forward to expanding my career,” said Tapasa on White’s video, “and hopefully moving on.”

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