Ice Resurfacer ignites in a viral video on the Rochester ice rink

Fire and ice don’t meet often, but they did meet at an ice rink in Rochester, New York Wednesday night.

An ice resurfacer caught fire walking across the ice at Bill Gray’s regional ice complex on the campus of Monroe Community College, New York. When the flames blazed, there were no players on the ice and no one was injured, including the driver of the vehicle.

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The video shows the Ice Resurfacer making his usual way on the ice between games. Smoke is emerging from the engine compartment, and when the driver looks at it, the vehicle goes up in flames.

According to the local ABC subsidiary 13 WHAM, a hose on the vehicle broke, which caused liquid to spill onto the engine and cause the fire. The driver can be seen driving the ice thief machine off the ice to a far corner outside the rink where the flames are then apparently put out. There is also another shaded red trail that the vehicle drove on on its way out of the rink, possibly giving away the fluid leak.

In 2007, an ice vehicle caught fire on an ice rink outside of Philadelphia. This fire was caused in a similar way to Rochester, with hydraulic fuel dripping onto the ice to start the fire.

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