Is faculty soccer canceled for 2020? Newest updates, information on Large Ten, SEC, and different Energy 5 convention choices

The decision to play FBS College Football in 2020 is near a turning point.

It’s a decision influenced by the US COVID-19 pandemic, but there are other factors as well. College football players approach a players union. The Power 5 officers did not send a uniform message. The next week will affect whether FBS College Football takes place.

Sporting News will update these developments here as they occur.

Old Dominion cancels football

(August 9th): The Athetlic reports that Old Dominion, a member of Conference-USA, will not play football in 2020.

Old Dominion is canceling its fall sports season and fall football, the source @TheAthleticCFB announced.

– Nicole Auerbach @ (@NicoleAuerbach) August 10, 2020

The Monarchs finished 1-11 last season. First year coach Ricky Rahne will have to wait until 2021 to lead Old Dominion on the field.

Reports: Big Ten is ending the season

(August 9th): The Detroit Free Press reports that the Big Ten will announce Tuesday that they have canceled their 2020 college football season for at least the fall. On Monday morning, Dan Patrick reported on his radio show that the conference had voted and decided to postpone the season 12-2. According to reports, Nebraska and Iowa were the two schools that voted to continue the season.

This report has been refuted, according to Husker Oline publisher Sean Callahan:

From a Big Ten AD: “Lots of BS on this report. I’m not saying we don’t end up there, but we aren’t there yet. No vote and it’s not 12-2.”

This was referring to the report that went viral this morning.

– Sean Callahan (@Sean_Callahan) August 10, 2020

We want to play movement

(August 9th): While several college stars have opted out for the 2020 season, others have sparked a move to save the 2020 season. These include Clemson quarterback Trevor Lawrence, Ohio State quarterback Justin Fields and Alabama bringing back Najee Harris. The players said one of the goals was “to create a college football players association”.

The ten great presidents meet

(August 9th): The Big Ten are slated to be the next conference to break off the fall sports season. New Big Ten commissioner Kevin Warren is reportedly in favor of a spring season, and the presidents of the 14 schools will meet on Aug. 9. No decision has been made, but Yahoo Sports Pete Thamel reports that the league is about to cancel the season.

Source: The top ten presidents are about to end the season, but the league isn’t ready to announce it yet. The decision is near, but not final. The Big Ten programs have been directed by Commissioner Kevin Warren to essentially shed light on practice tomorrow.

– Pete Thamel (@PeteThamel) August 10, 2020

MAC cancels football

(8th August): The Mid-American Conference was the first FBS conference to postpone the fall college football season. The decision was influenced by Lisa Freeman, a former scientist. The MAC suffered financial success after losing 11 non-conference games with the Big Ten. The MAC has 12 football programs and the conference deals with spring football.

UConn cancels the season

(5th of August): UConn is the first of 130 FBS programs to cancel its season. The administration cited concerns about COVID-19. The Huskies switched to independent status in 2020-21 after leaving the American Athletic Conference.

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