Is Fats Rocket Gas For Runners?

Covering 26.2 miles is impressive no matter how fast you run, but those who excel have a secret weapon: the ability to burn fat for fuel. Scientists from Shanghai University of Sport tracked elite male runners in their twenties and thirties before and after a three-hour marathon. Her metabolism of carbohydrates and fats increased after the race, showing that her body can switch from easily accessible carbohydrates to hard-to-type lipids for energy. This is important because your body can only store so many carbohydrates, which is why many runners “fuck” around mile 20. To make the switch, you are running out of carbohydrates on long training runs, forcing your body to develop fat reserves for energy, and considering a high-fat diet.

In a separate study, a six-month high-fat diet with 71 percent fat (like the keto diet) resulted in a 50 percent increase in elite runners’ ability to metabolize fat.

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