Jabra Elite 75t Evaluation: Strong bass created from tiny buds

“With excellent fit, comfort and battery life, the Elite 75t from Jabra are small, but deliver a large bass.”

Should fit most ears

Full, rich sound

Very light and comfortable

Very portable

Outstanding call quality

Bass can be too much for some

No speakerphone option

Average battery life

This review was last updated by Simon Cohen, A / V employee at Digital Trends, on June 5, 2020.

The Jabra Elite 75t are the company’s newest and best wireless earbuds. Originally planned for $ 200, Jabra lowered the price to $ 180 shortly before they hit the stores in November 2019.

This puts the Elite 75t in the middle of a crowded category: They are cheaper than a set of normal Apple AirPods with a wireless charging case, but more expensive than those who use a normal case. They’re considerably cheaper than the Apple AirPods Pro for $ 249, but are still $ 20 to $ 30 more expensive than Jabra’s own Elite 65t, which the company plans to continue selling.

Sony’s new WF-SP800N made the choice even more difficult with premium battery life and active noise cancellation for just $ 20.

How does the Elite 75t stack up? Do they offer enough features to justify a place in this exploding market and are they really as comfortable as Jabra has claimed? We put her to the test to find out.

Crazy comfort

It’s true: the Elite 75t are extremely comfortable. If you’ve ever stayed away from real wireless in-ear earphones in the past, you have to try the Elite 75t (or its fully water and dust resistant sibling, the Elite Active 75t). They are incredibly small and light, which means they sit well in your outer ear and create less pressure in your ear canal to keep them there.

Jabra Elite 75t real wireless headphonesRich Shibley / Digital Trends

Unlike most real wireless in-ear earphones, the Elite 75t doesn’t come with ear fins – the little silicone tabs that anchor a bud and prevent it from popping out. That’s because you don’t need them. This extremely low weight virtually eliminates the feeling of bulk that other earphones can create during intense activities such as running. They really go away as soon as you put them in your ears.

Big, bold bass

Given the small size of the Elite 75t, I didn’t expect it to be a huge, deep, and resonant bass. When I started it for the first time, I was surprised and started looking for the EQ settings in the Jabra Sound + app. The equalizer was not messed up – it was set to the flat factory profile. The bottom line is that the Elite 75t has been tuned to prefer low frequencies, sometimes at the expense of clear and detailed highs or clear mids.

They are perfect for watching movies – who needs a subwoofer if you have the Elite 75t?

For some listeners, this is a treat. You won’t usually find real wireless earbuds with this kind of bombastic bass response. So if you’ve been looking for buds that can mimic the boom that is usually associated with large over-the-ear cans like Beats Studios, you’re here. I will love the Elite 75t. For some genres like jazz and classical, this distinctive low end helps warm up the sound and lets you feel the deep vibrations of the bass played in a confined space. They are perfect for watching movies – who needs a subwoofer if you have the Elite 75t?

Even after extensive fiddling with the EQ settings, it was impossible to completely eliminate this bass forward personality, although I was able to temper it so that it no longer stole the stage.

In May 2020, Jabra released an update for its Sound + app, which includes new features like MyControls (which I will discuss below) and MySound, an audio calibration tool that uses the results of a hearing test to personalize the elites to the audible frequencies.

I’ve tried some of these personalized EQ systems in the past. Nura uses one to pair his Nuraphone and Nuraloop headphones, while SoundID tries to do something similar for a variety of headphones. None of them really improved the sound quality for me personally, and Jabras MySound didn’t do much either. If anything, I think it de-emphasized some frequencies and left my songs with less depth.

In fairness, I didn’t use MySound with the Elite 75t, but with two pairs of the Jabra Elite Active 75t, and these earphones have a different EQ than the Elite 75t. Assuming that MySound tuning affects both models equally, I can say with certainty that your mileage may vary with this feature. The good news is that if you don’t like it, tap the app once and it’s gone.

Pocket mates

Aside from the bass, one of the first things you notice about the Elite 75ts is how small they are and how small their charging case is. Both were significantly reduced from the 65t, which makes them perfect travel companions, whether you prefer bags or purses or whether you go to work or to training. You just have to look at the Amazon Echo Buds to see how well the Elite 75t fits in your pocket.

Jabra Elite 75t real wireless headphonesRich Shibley / Digital Trends

The charging case has a lid that snaps into place with a magnetic seal. Even if it should accidentally open, the earbuds are firmly magnetically locked, making it unlikely that the earbuds will get out of control. Fortunately, in this case, you can use the Sound + app to track the location of the Elite 75t and force it to howl high if it sticks in the recesses of a sofa or wallet.

I was glad to see the charging case updated to USB-C as this is pretty much the standard for all (non-iOS) phones now, but I would prefer the charging indicator to be in the front rather than the back.

The case is not as easy to open with one hand as the original AirPods or the extremely cool Klipsch T5, but we doubt that this will be a deal breaker for everyone.

Push your buttons

Real wireless earbuds typically use a variety of touch-sensitive surfaces or good, old-fashioned buttons. The Elite 75t does the latter – one on each earphone – and I really like them. They’re easy to use, you know exactly whether you’ve pressed them or not thanks to a satisfactory click, and it’s much harder to accidentally fire them.

Jabra Elite 75t real wireless headphonesRich Shibley / Digital Trends

You may need to put a few fingers on the side of your head for better click accuracy. However, I do the job of repeatedly tapping an earphone into my skull to stop my music. You get a wide range of activities – four actions per earbud – with single, double, triple and long clicks.

All important tasks are covered: play / pause, skip / track tracks, answer / end calls, turn HearThrough mode on / off, volume and voice assistant. The May 2020 update for the Sound + app mentioned above includes a new section called MyControls that offers a variety of customizations – more than any other real wireless earbuds we’ve reviewed.

You can choose your task, assign it to a push of a button, and even choose which earbud to trigger. It is even possible to assign different tasks depending on whether you are only listening to music or making a call. It’s a welcome addition to what was already a great control scheme.

It is your call

Jabra has a long history of making Bluetooth headsets with excellent call quality, and the Elite 75t doesn’t disappoint. The four-microphone array can easily handle a variety of environments, and callers found it easy to hear me (and me, them).

Frequent voice callers will appreciate that you can use both earbuds or just the right earbud to make and receive calls.

When I tested the Elite 75t for the first time, I noticed the inability to hear itself while I was on the phone with two earphones. It turned out that I had missed the “Sidetone” function, which enables just that. With the Sound + app, you can not only switch Sidetone on or off using the left earbud, but also adjust how much of your voice gets through.

With the MyControls update, you can even turn Sidetone on and off during a call.

After trying it out, I am happy to tell you that it works very well and makes the Elite 75t a great companion for phone calls.

Asked and answered

In this context, it is also very easy to make yourself heard when you speak to your preferred voice assistant. Pressing the right earphone button twice activates either Alexa or Siri (on iOS) or Alexa or Google Assistant (on Android). As practical as that is, my time with the Echo Buds has made me a hands-free Alexa addict, and I want to be able to call any voice assistant by just asking for it.

There are many cases where it is more convenient and safer to keep your hands where they are. There may even be emergencies where you simply cannot reach your ears or your phone. If you can say, “Hey Google, call 9-1-1,” it can save your life. Jabra, if you’re listening, please consider this for the Elite 85t.

Good (not great) battery

Jabra claims that the Elite 75t can last 7.5 hours on a full charge. In our tests, in which the earphones were operated continuously at maximum volume, we were only able to use them for almost 7 hours. While many new non-Apple real wireless earbuds do better – Sony’s new WF-SP800N has an amazing 13 hour lifespan when noise cancellation is turned off – it’s still a solid upgrade over previous generations and given theirs small size all the more impressive.

The charging case is suitable for almost three full charges, so that you have a total time of approx. 28 hours between the plug-ins. With the quick charge function, you can take an hour with just 15 minutes of charge.

Quite passive

A feature that is becoming increasingly common in real wireless earbuds is active noise cancellation. Sony has it. Apple’s expensive new AirPods Pro have it. Even the budget-friendly Echo Buds have it. But the Elite 75t doesn’t.

On the one hand, you could argue that these in-ear earphones don’t really need them due to their almost complete noise isolation. Because the noise isolation is so good, HearThrough mode offers adjustable microphone sensitivity to make noise when you need to get to know your surroundings better (or to hear your name from the barista at Starbucks).

I particularly like that the Sound + app offers a number of background noises that you can use to mask out unwanted noises. You can choose between white noise, pink noise, various sounds of nature and two sounds that Jabra calls “comfort atmosphere”: cave and crowd. Some of them are exceptionally soothing.

Would noise cancellation be a nice addition? Yes. But you don’t need it to enjoy the Elite 75t, especially at its price.

Our opinion

The Jabra Elite 75t is small but very comfortable and is a good choice for small ears or for those who want to wear earphones for a long time – something that allows for a battery life of 7.5 hours. Their bass-heavy EQ is impressive given its size – but not for everyone. Overall, it is a highly portable, high quality set of real radio buds with highly customizable controls and excellent call quality.

Is there a better alternative?

If you don’t mind a slightly larger bud and a battery life of just 5 hours, the Amazon Echo Buds offer active noise reduction and less bass-intensive sound for a very reasonable $ 130. If battery life is paramount, you should definitely consider the Samsung Galaxy Buds + for $ 150 or the Sony WF-SP800N.

However, if you are an iPhone user, you have to check out the excellent AirPods Pro. They cost $ 70 more, but offer amazing noise cancellation, great sound, and go perfectly with Siri. However, none of these earphones can keep up with the water and dust protection class IP55 of the Elite 75t and the excellent ergonomics. If you want even more protection from water, the Elite Active 75t for $ 200 is gentler in the bass department and has protection class IP57.

How long will they last?

The Jabra Elite 75t has a two-year warranty that is above average. The water and dust resistance corresponds to protection class IP55. This suggests that they are at least as robust (if not essential) as many other real wireless earbuds in the long run.

The build quality of Jabra is excellent and the battery is solid (for real radio buds anyway), so they should last for years.

Should you buy them

If you’re a fan of bone-shaking bass, you’ve come to the right place – the Elite 75t are the real wireless earbuds for you. They’re also a good choice if you’re having trouble fitting the earbuds. If you’re looking for a more balanced sound, the Elite Active 75t can do that and better water resistance for an additional $ 20.

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