Liverpool left VAR cursed when Jordan Henderson was denied the successful objective

Liverpool were denied a dramatic winner in an action-packed Merseyside derby with Everton when VAR’s intervention ruled out a hiatus time from Jordan Henderson.

Jürgen Klopp’s team took the lead twice in Goodison Park on Saturday.

Sadio Mane recorded the Reds’ fastest goal in the Premier League in a Merseyside derby, only to see Michael Keane drop out. Mohamed Salah’s 100th goal for the club had Liverpool back on top, but the Toffees struck back again through the formidable Dominic Calvert-Lewin.

The reigning champions believed they had all three points in the closing stages, and club captain Henderson turned a hand-to-hand fight past a desperate Jordan Pickford who got his hands on but couldn’t hold him.

However, ecstasy has become torture during the standard verification process that follows each goal.

According to those making VAR calls at Stockley Park, Sadio Mane was sidelined in a confined space.

With a big decision that has so much to offer, the technology was again the subject of much post-game discussions after the final whistle.

How this Herderson gate was not allowed is a shame. The game is over. I’m a VAR advocate for clear flaws, but come on. You need to change the rule so that every part of your body is on its side, giving the attacker the edge. Easy! 🤯🤬

– Marc Bircham (@marcbircham) October 17, 2020

Microscopically marginal. Is that really what VAR was introduced for? Do we really want that?

– Adrian Bevington (@ ABevington11) October 17, 2020

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. The fact that they haven’t recorded “F * ck VAR” vocals for the wrong crowd noise is wrong.

– Paddy Power (@paddypower) October 17, 2020

Something must be done about VAR. This cannot be continued.

You may not be able to tell that Mane is sidelined there. How is that a clear and obvious mistake?

– LiverpoolFF (@LiverpoolFF) October 17, 2020

It doesn’t feel like football, these decisions are made by computer programs! Should be there to restore a mistake or a clear and obvious offside position for the referee, but not this. #VAR

– Edwin van der Sar (@ vdsar1970), October 17, 2020

Liverpool will be pleased with the reaction to the 7-2 loss at Aston Villa in their last Premier League game but may resent their missing out on a morally positive win.

Everton has now seen the perfect start to the season, but Carlo Ancelotti’s side have shown once again that they can measure up to the best in the industry and will be a force to be reckoned with in 2020. 21st

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