Monkey Knife Combat Picks: Finest DFS, Participant Prop Bets for Chiefs-Texans Thursday Evening Soccer

Monkey Knife Fight is an interesting website name with an even more interesting premise: make DFS and player prop betting more accessible and understandable for the classic fantasy football player. On the way to kick off Thursday evening in week 1 between the Chiefs and Texans, we’ve put together our favorite Monkey Knife Fight picks.

Some of the picks involve determinations based on fantasy points – there are over / under decisions called “more or less” while the Rapidfire decisions ask you to pick a player who beats a certain number. Monkey Knife Fight also often gives you the option of picking a bigger target for some of the props in hopes of getting a bigger payout. You can also choose your given buy-in for a prop based on your personal bankroll.

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If you’ve never used the site before, a little surfing should help you understand how it works. Here are four of our picks for Week 1 that might be worth playing.

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Monkey Knife Fight Picks: More or less Mahomes, Watson goes past yards

Patrick Mahomes: LESS than 339.5
Deshaun Watson: MORE than 285.5
Correctly select 2/2 to triple your buy-in.

The Texans only let more than 339 yards pass twice in 2019. No preseason should detract from the Chiefs’ offensive fluidity at least slightly, and rookie Clyde Edwards-Helaire should do enough to keep Mahomes below that number. The Chiefs, on the other hand, allowed more than 286 yards each for the first five weeks of last season. Watson has several deep ball weapons and could catch up enough to hit that number.

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Monkey Knife Fight Picks: Rapidfire Fantasy Points for Watson, Hill, Edwards-Helaire

Patrick Mahomes versus Deshaun Watson (+4.5): Watson
Travis Kelce versus Tyreek Hill (+0.5): hill
Will Fuller (+0.5) against Clyde Edwards-Helaire: Edwards-Helaire
Pick 2/3 correctly to get 1.5x your buy-in (you can also play this trio by trying to get 3/3 correctly to get 4x your buy-in).

We choose Watson here, as the QB tends to fall behind with a less optimal running game. Hill makes sense compared to Kelce – Hill can win this matchup with either long catches or a long TD, while Kelce will likely need significant action in the red zone to beat Hill. Edwards-Helaire’s volume (including the passing game on this PPR site) should stop Fuller.

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Monkey Knife Fight Picks: Challenge with Fantasy Points for Edwards-Helaire, Hill, Fuller

Selection: Clyde Edwards-Helaire, Tyreek Hill, Will Fuller
Goal: 64.5 fantasy points (PPR rating)
Reach 64.5 Fantasy Points for 3 times the buy-in.

If you are feeling more risk averse, you can also hit 58.5 Fantasy Points for twice your buy-in. We’re not allowed to pick quarterbacks here, so it’s best to look for large pieces. Fuller and Hill could both get a long TD catch that gets you very close to number even before the volume they’re sure to get. CEH should also get enough volume, even in the passing game, to be overdone.

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Monkey Knife Fight Picks: Reception Collection for Kelce, Johnson, Fuller

Selection: Travis Kelce, David Johnson and Will Fuller
Goal: 19.5 receptions
Reach 19.5 receptions for 2x buy-in.

This is our first time using the Kelce, and it’s likely safe to expect it to overtake Hill. There’s some risk here as we don’t know if Houston’s use of the passing game is through David or Duke Johnson, but we’ll move on to the seemingly healthy starter for Week 1. And if Brandin Cooks (Quad) is a little constrained, Fuller should see plenty of goals.

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