Patrick Mahomes takes notes after ending fourth within the NFL Prime 100 once more

NFL players have spoken: Lamar Jackson is her best player for 2020. Super Bowl champion and NFL MVP colleague Patrick Mahomes? It is a few places down.

Don’t think Mahomes didn’t notice.

QB RANKING by SN: Mahomes is number 1 in our book

The Chiefs Quarterback was fourth behind Jackson, Russell Wilson and Aaron Donald in voting for this year’s Top 100 list. The last places were announced on Wednesday night in the NFL Network.

Mahomes got to the point on Twitter:

Kansas City fans must appreciate the ride; The 24-year-old Mahomes has already won a ring and signed an extension that could reach a maximum of just over $ 500 million in just three NFL seasons.

Meme makers quickly got to work and “The Last Dance”, “The Office” and other, more esoteric sources appeared.

Mahomes was fourth in the poll last year as well, which means that guiding a team to a comeback win in the Super Bowl and earning the Super Bowl MVP could not improve their inventory. A Chiefs fan saw it positively.

Mahomes and Jackson will complete the third week in Baltimore on Monday Night Football.

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