Stephen A. Smith fears NBA gamers will damage the bladder for having intercourse

Let’s be honest Stephen A. Smith is right: “Someone has to say it.”

The idea that NBA players can spend up to three months at Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida is absurd on several levels as the league tries to restart their 2019-20 season and eventually becomes a champion in the middle of COVIC-19 – Crown pandemic. Last but not least, the fact is that some players will not be able to physically be with others as teammates and staff for four weeks.

“Physical” is a key word when you consider that NBA players live and breathe people who are different from the significant others with whom they normally do “leisure activities”. And by that we mean sex.

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“Do we really think the leisure activities these guys are used to will be affected for three months?” Smith asked on Tuesday in the issue of “First Take” on ESPN. “Do you really think people will be without their wives or women? … Do you really think they’ll honor a bubble for three months?”

Smith later made it clear that even a period of four weeks without access to these so-called “leisure activities” would be difficult for players to manage.

Stephen A Smith on NBA players breaking the Disney bubble for being sexually frustrated and having to do “recreational activities” …

– gifdsports (@gifdsports) June 30, 2020

When 22 teams register to resume the season on July 30 in Orlando, only 37 people (up to 17 players and support staff) are allowed per team. Teams can add staff as they advance through the playoffs that begin on August 17.

Players are only allowed to enter the NBA bubble after the first round of playoffs. At this point, each of the eight remaining teams can reserve up to 17 hotel rooms – one per player on the team – for player guests on the Disney campus in Orlando.

From ESPN: “To be admitted to campus, guests must quarantine themselves for a week, then quarantine, and be tested on the home market or outside of the NBA campus in Orlando for at least every other day for three days Anyone who has positive tests during this period may not enter the NBA campus.

“When entering the bladder, guests have to be quarantined and tested every day for four days. Anyone who tests positive during this time must isolate themselves in campus-determined accommodations on campus.”

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The three resorts on the Disney campus that will house NBA teams (and eventually some player guests) are the Gran Destino Tower in Coronado Springs, the Grand Floridian, and the Yacht Club.

The latest possible date for game 7 of the NBA final is October 13th. “Seeding games” will be played until August 14th, and a play-in tournament will take place in the first round from August 15th to August 16th, with playoffs starting on August 17th. The NBA final begins on September 30th.

Several NBA players have announced that they will not travel to Orlando with their teams to restart the season, many of whom cite health risks as a reason.

No player who logs out has specifically stated that he would prefer to have sex free, but according to Smith’s logic, that would be a plus.

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