The perfect Prowler workouts to problem your power, power and endurance

Sledges, also known as Prowler, have become a symbol of football training as they are used to repeat the effort of pushing an object that doesn’t want to move (like an offensive lineman). But more and more gyms offer them – usually when there is a lawn area.

“Not many training methods can challenge your strength, strength and endurance all at once as well as the sled,” says Patrick Jones, strength trainer at Wright Fit’s Performance Lab in NYC.

Sledges are primarily a lower body test. First, the glutes engage to set the device in motion, then the quads and hamstrings are activated to maintain the momentum. The core fires continuously, protects the spine and helps transfer power to the sled. “The push position that is used to drive the sled is the same as that required for power sports like running or soccer,” says Jones. Even better: wrist straps, a TRX, a belt or a light combat rope make it a whole-body training device.

We went to the Wright Fit to find out how to do it. If you’re new to the sled, start with the lights and focus on your posture – especially maintaining a neutral spine – and gradually build up your weight. The sled is a self-limiting tool. So if you overcharge it, the thing won’t move.

The workout

Choose 4 to 6 exercises and do 3 to 4 sets each, resting as needed. Complete all sentences before continuing. 1 minute break between trains. Carriage movements can also be used as a finisher on a lifting day.

Press lower prowler Men’s journal

1. Sledge thrust – high and low

Start with your hands on the high poles or the low crossbar, with your hips slightly tilted forward. (It should feel like pushing a broken car down the street.) Drive through balls of your feet with your back straight and your core snapped in, and push the sled with small, quick steps. Apply high pressure in one direction and low pressure back. 40 seconds corresponds to 1 sentence.

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