Tiger Woods dwell rating, outcomes, highlights from Friday’s second spherical of the PGA Championship

If Tiger Woods plays as well on Friday as he did in Round 1 of the 2020 PGA Championship, he will almost certainly make the cut and go into the weekend game at TPC Harding Park.

Tiger’s first round was inconsistent – understandable considering it was only his sixth PGA Tour event of the season and the first major event in over a year. Despite scoring five birdies and showing exceptional finesse in the short game, he also suffered three bogies after a couple of very doable putts. His drive game also left a lot to be desired after missing five straight fairways.

That said, the performance scored a 2-under-par 68, good for a top 20 result at the end of the Tiger round. If he can finish his long and medium game after Thursday’s erratic first game, he should be able to comfortably cut the cut for a run over the last two days of competition.

Sporting News will follow Tiger’s second round of the 2020 PGA Championship, providing stats and highlights. Follow below for full results:

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The full results can be found at The complete PGA Championship Leaderboard from SNwith Woods and the rest of the field.

Tiger Woods Score, Highlights from Round 2

(Updates in reverse chronological order).

Hole (par)
Tigers Score (Total)
1 (4)
Straight line (-2)
2 (4)
Straight line (-2)
3 (3)
1 above par (-1)
4 (5)
1 above par (-1)
5 (4)
1 above par (-1)
6 (4)
1 above par (-1)
7 (4)
1 above par (-1)
8 (3)
1 above par (-1)
9 (4)
2-over-par (even)
10 (5)

11 (3)

12 (4)

13 (4)

14 (4)

15 (4)

16 (4)

17 (3)

18 (4)

Hole 10: Par 5, 562 meters

Hole 9: Par 4, 515 meters (Bogey)

Shot 1: Tiger didn’t like that from the start. The journey goes far to the right into the bunker.
Shot 2: Bunker. To. Bunker. He hits it to the left of the green.
Shot 3: Put too much spin on it. He’s looking for 14 feet for par.
Shot 4: Missed it left. He’ll have a 2-over-37 for the top nine.
Shot 5: Bogey.

Hole 8: Par 3, 251 yards (Par)

Shot 1: Good ride lands in the middle of the green where it rolls downhill 27 feet from the hole. Two putt par best bet here.
Shot 2: Decent look at yardage, but it falls about a foot short and didn’t break enough. Not the worst here on hard hole 8.
Shot 3: Par it is.

Hole 7: Par 4, 340 yards (Par)

Shot 1: Tiger is in his third bunker this lap, short and to the left of the green.
Shot 2: He’s barely on the green after a tough first jump but is looking for some birdie in a 12 foot birdie, a little downhill from the pin.
Shots 3, 4: Tiger on the spot again, this time to the left of the hole. I have to be content with the two-putt par.

Hole 6: Par 4, 472 yards (Par)

Shot 1: Tiger is on the fairway so at least there is no problem there. It is 194 yards from the hole on the right side of the fairway.
Shot 2: On the green, but he left plenty of room – about 30 feet – for birdie.
Shot 3: Went all the way. Tiger can’t buy a putt today, even though he didn’t do himself a favor with his approach. He will end with a 2 foot par try.
Shot 4: And it’s in par.

Hole 5: Par 4, 436 yards (Par)

Shot 1: Tiger hits a nice stinger on the left side of the fairway. Further.
Shot 2: Another good approach is landing tigers within 10 feet of the yardage. He doesn’t need that per se, but will definitely want to come back for the round too.
Shots 3, 4: And now it’s spot on – you can see the disappointment on his face afterward. Another tap-in par through its fifth hole.

Hole 4: Par 5, 607 yards (par)

Shot 1: Tiger’s aggressive drive clears the trees on the curve and lands on the left side of the fairway, 286 yards from the hole. I’m looking forward to getting that shot back here on par-5.
Shot 2: And Tiger is back in the bunker, short and to the right of the green. Can’t be happy with that but birdie is still in play.
Shot 3: Tiger is on the green, about 6 feet downhill from the pin. Very feasible attempt.
Shots 4, 5: It’s freaking out. He needed that really early, but has to be content with the walk-in Par.

Hole 3: Par 3, 185 meters (Bogey)

Shot 1: Tiger is in the bunker to the right of the green. These winds seem to affect the shots today. He’s going to need an up and down for par here.
Shot 2: Tiger is on the green, but the ball rolls to about 8 feet for par.
Shot 3: It’s deserted all the way again. I miss the short game today.

Shot 4: Bogey.

Hole 2: Par 4, 446 yards (Par)

Shot 1:Tigers Drive is a little to the right of the fairway in the second cut of rough.
Shot 2: Tiger approaching from a distance of around 170 meters lands just before the green. He’s looking for an up and down for par.
Shot 3: Excellent Chip and Tiger watch a two-foot par try.
Shot 4: Tap-in Par.

Hole 1: Par 4, 390 yards (Par)

Shot 1: Tiger hits the left fairway with a slight sting, 301 yards from the hole. Good start after his problems there in lap 1.
Shot 2: Tiger clamps a nice approach and lands within 10 feet of a birdie attempt.
Shots 3, 4: The 7 foot birdie attempt stays all the way to the left – a missed opportunity there. Tiger is content with a walk-in par start the day.

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