‘Valorant’ Elderflame: Find out how to get implausible dragon rifle skins – at a excessive worth

The latest bundle of weapon skins in “Valorant” is as cool as any other currently available in first-person shooters, but has a high price tag.

The Elderflame skin set turns weapons into animated, fire-breathing dragons that reload ammunition with their arms. It is even better than it sounds.

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Here’s what you need to know about the Elderflame skin set:

How much do Valorant dragon skins cost?

The price for the entire set is $ 100 in game currency (9,900 valorant points). However, the game itself is free, which gives Riot Games more leeway for fans with regard to microtransactions.

When will Elderflame be released in ‘Valorant’?

According to Riot Games, the set is due to appear on all platforms on July 10th.

Can you get Elderflame skins for free?

If you kill an enemy with an Elderflame weapon, you can pick them up and go wild. Apart from that, however, you have to raise the money.

What do people say about the Elderflame skin set?

Despite the cost, fans on social media were largely positive and appreciated the effort made to develop the weapon.

I don’t even play this game and I want to buy it.

These skins are phenomenal and other games should take notes.

– WΛVE 🌊 (@electricitywave) July 8, 2020


– (@GoldenboyFTW) July 8, 2020

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