Viseart Midsummer & Solstice Petit Execs for summer time 2020

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Experience an ethereal and enchanting summer ambience with Viseart Paris while we celebrate our two new magical and bright neutral Petit Pro palettes Solstice and Midsummer! Our essential, eye-enhancing nude tones for “increased everyday life” ensure that you do not become overpowering and give you simple and delicate control over your working hours until playing in summer! The mild, neutral tinted Petit Pro Solstice with a soft and lush duochrome is our latest staple, and Petit Pro Midsummer is sublimely cool with lyrical, heavenly duochrome tones. Our two new summer palettes offer a refreshing and chic version of matt and wafer-thin shades and effortlessly inspire your sophisticated, sun-drenched, elegant reverie.

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Midsummer Petit Pro$ 30.00

Let yourself be enchanted and seduced by “Midsummer”, the magical new Petit Pro! Our ode to these magical midsummer evenings, enveloped in a dream of love. The puckishly charming Petit Pro Midsummer is a potion of soft, cool mats and wafer-thin light that is worthy of fairy wings! Inspired by the ethereal magic of “A Midsummer Night’s Dream”, in which love, myth and mother nature intertwine, Petit Pro Midsummer will weave its wonderful magic to win your heart. You will be fascinated by our fascinating duochromic “Changeling”, enchanted by our tender and dreamy “Faerie” and fascinated by our majestic “Titania” – our passionate and playful Petit Pro Midsummer has 8 seductive colors to enliven your summer dreams!

Eglantine Cool light beige with a matt finishCupidon Light pink-brown with a matt finishpuck Mid-tone brown with a matt finishMidsummer Steamed raspberry with a matt finishFairies Light champagne pink with a shimmering finishPotion Muted burgundy with gold pink reflectionTitania Muted purple gray with a matt finishChangeling Nude rose with a blue duochrome finish

Solstice Petit Pro$ 30.00

Petit Pro Solstice is a turning point in inflamed shades in a harmonious balance between matt and shimmer! Our divine Petit Pro Solstice palette offers a delightful selection of all new earthbound shades and is a stroke of luck in rich, deeply rooted colors. Raise your eyes with the sublime neutral glow of the solstice – the key to your effortless bare, ready-to-use look! A cheering new cycle begins when we gather to celebrate transformation, strength and creativity with four harmonious matte tones, three shimmer tones and a lush duochrome.

languor Sandy beige with a matte finishcrescendo Light warm brown with a matte finishSummertime Medium red brown with a matt finishDuir Chocolate brown with a matte finishfervor Lemon meringue with a shimmering finishLitha Nude brown with a shimmery finishSplendor Shimmering terracotta brownSolstice Pink with a duochromic finish

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