Will the 76s take care of Ben Simmons or Joel Embiid? Newest rumors, updates

The 76ers do not want to trade with Ben Simmons or Joel Embiid after they have left the NBA playoffs, General Manager Elton Brand said on Tuesday.

Head coach Brett Brown was fired after the 76ers were beaten 4-0 by the Boston Celtics in the first round of the postseason. The team is reportedly looking into further changes in the front office. Brand has no plans to switch from any of the Simmons and Embiid all-star duos, however.

“I don’t want to trade with Ben or Joel, I want to complement them better,” said Brand. “They are 24 and 26 years old, respectively. They try to keep it fit for as long as possible. They want to be here, they want to be with our organization, and I see them here for a long, long time.”

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This fits in with a recent ESPN report by Adrian Wojnarowski.

From Adrian Wojnarowski:

There remains a strong desire among Sixers executives to keep the franchise’s two young all-stars – Joel Embiid and Ben Simmons – together. The Sixers are determined to have a new team of coaches explore ways to maximize the interaction between Embiid and Simmons before they even begin discussing trading scenarios.

That hasn’t stopped some from speculating on a deal, however. HoopsHype interviewed five executives, three trainers, three Boy Scouts, and two business leaders and asked them if they would trade with Simmons, Embiid, or both.

Here were the results:

5 said keep both5 said Handel Embiid3 said Handel Simmons

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Simmons put the playoffs on hold after suffering a subluxation in his left knee at the NBA bladder in Orlando, and Embiid was unable to instigate a deep run that allowed his teammate to return to the field. Both players are under contract for at least the next three seasons, and Brand plans to discuss with them what they think the team should look like in the future.

Brand acknowledged that “The Process” can now be viewed as a failure.

“It has not produced the results we expected. It is a results-driven business and we are trying to correct those mistakes and make sure we do better,” he said. “At the moment we have failed. But will we do everything we can to position ourselves to win? Yes.”

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A key factor in the Sixers’ future path will be the appointment of a new head coach so that Brand does not make a hasty decision.

“We will not be in a rush because this is central to our organization. We are at a crossroads right now, so this attitude is extremely important. There will be no rush,” he said. “All options are open. Nobody is at the top, but I’m looking forward to these interviews because there will be some talented people out there.”

A lack of perimeter shooting was a persistent problem for the 76ers, while Al Horford was unable to partner with Embiid after signing a four-year $ 109 million deal.

When asked if Horford could fit into the line-up, Brand said, “This is for the next coach to make that decision and how the line-ups work. Al Horford can fit on an NBA championship team. Whatever that role We have to find out. But it can fit. “

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